🙂 I have never been more proud! The Giants were so amazing this postseason, especially in the world series. No matter what you say, they deserved this & the better of the two teams came out as the champion. Rangers have an amazing offense, but we just showed the world that the Giants have an AMAZING pitching staff, & we have those clutch hits when they’re needed.

THANK YOU SO MUCH 2010 Giants!!!!!!!!! Let’s soak this in, have a great offseason, & get back out there in March<3333333


Who you gonna calll?


18 game hitting streak! This guy is something else! I know there’s tons of baseball left this season, but if this guy keeps getting those timely hits & just keep hitting (and even if not everyday) he’ll probably have a big chance of winning the ROY award this year (unless everyone is still amazed w/ the phenom in DC at the end of the year) & he might lead the Giants to the playoffs! Yeah I know it’s not even September yet, but as a Giants fan, I gotta stay optimistic, & it’s been years since we (the Giants) have had a year like this, so clearly I am excited. I wonder where’d the team be if Posey started the year w/ the Giants!? Probably leading the division, but 2nd place isn’t too shabby, & leading the wild card is great. Anywayys, Giants had a fantastic road trip, 6-1, & have won 4 straight road series! I wish that 7 game losing streak didn’t happen to them before the hot streak they’re in right now, but I think those 7 games put their priorities straight. Win series, & try to sweep if you’re in the position to. Going back to the bay to start a 7 game homestand! Marlins & D*dgers. I have a good feeling about this homestand, they have the fans & momentum behind them & all they have to do is keep pitching & keep hitting. I don’t know if they’ll get a bat before the trade deadline, but I’m sure they’ll survive especially if Kung Fu Panda gets hot this second half. Let’s go Giants!!!! Eat some fish & destroy the D*dgers!

Love, A Giants fan.

Goodbye Bengie

Though I am very happy that Buster Posey will start to have more playing time, I will miss Bengie. Despite his lack of speed on the basepaths, he has a big heart and truly loved San Francisco.  Past few years with the Giants, he almost made me forget he beat the Giants in 2002 for the World Series title. 🙂 He did a great job with the pitching staff, & was a great leader. But with that said, I am completely satisfied with the Giants’ decision on the trade. Hopefully he’ll play some good ball in the AL. Good luck Bengie, but not too much.

Love, A Giants fan.

My G-men!

5-1 so far this season, & yes you don’t have to inform that it is only the start of the season. But really I am so ecstatic! 🙂 I’m loving the feeling that I get when I look at the standings and see San Francisco at the top and Los Angeles in the botttom! And the offense has been decent. They don’t have numbers that pop out at you, but they have won games coming from behind! Wow that’s absolutely surprising. And Tim Lincecum is doing great this start of the season unlike last year! Okay I will end this rant now :))) SF GIANTS are making me so proud right now.

And the A’s are on top of the West?? Who would have known! haha. Even though I do kinda like the Mariners better just a tiny bit more.


Best record in spring training…

That’s the one and only San Francisco Giants. I am very ecstatic and pumped up about this. I find it highly annoying when haters say “it’s only spring training.” I know that, but are you really trying to say that they won’t be competing at that level or the other teams they beat played easy so they can win. Confess and just admit that the Giants will be contenders this year. Whether they take the West or win the NL Wild Card, the Giants will make it to the playoffs one way or another. 

Giants on the right track

So spring training is going great for the Giants right now. 6-1 record. I know it doesn’t mean too much, since it’s only spring training. But it’s good to see them winning. 2010 will be a better year for them. One step at a time. Win some ball games, win the NL West, win the NLCS, & ultimately win the whole thing. Well one can hope. Let’s go Giants!


Is it spring yet? My friends are making fun of me because instead of going to Los Angeles with them for Spring Break, I’ll be going to Arizona to watch the San Francisco Giants :). Scrw LA, I’d rather sit in the desert and watch SF.

2 more months or so…..
Counting down the days.

It needs to come sooner though because my 49ers and Patriots are out. :[

Off season

When are we going to hear anything about the Giants these days? All I keep hearing is Blue Jays-Phillies-Mariners.

Happy that Lincecum won the Cy this year again, but I’m wondering if maybe his Cy cost the Giants the opportunity to get a power hitter. You win some, you lose some, I guess. They should try to get Lincecum to take a multi-year contract. $23 million for 1 year? I’d try signing him $75mil/4 year. Hahah, he’s worth more than that of course.

But if the Giants keep focusing on their budget or whatever, next year they’ll be in the same place–missing out of the postseason.

I have my fingers crossed though. Here’s hoping to signing Timmy in a multi-year contract and getting a good bat.

MLB Awards

Before I start: TWINS over the Tigers 🙂


Okay here it goes. My opinions, you don’t have to agree. Oh and I didn’t mention all the awards.

AL MVP: Joe Mauer (not as impressive as the NL MVP, but he’s part of the reason why the Twins are making a run for the playoffs. & .364 BA!)
NL MVP:  Albert Pujols! (self explanitory)

AL CY YOUNG: Zach Greinke (2.16 ERA, 237 Ks, 242 Ks, despite w/ a 16-8 record)
NL CY YOUNG: Tim Lincecum (this could go either way; Lincecum or Carp both are very deserving. But my pick is Lincecum, not only because I’m biased 😉 but because Carpenter missed like about 4-5 starts that might have had impact on his ERA. 261 Ks v 144 Ks bigg difference 2.48 ERA v 2.24 ERA not that big of a margin considering one pitched more games. And yes I know it’s not Carpenter’s fault he was injured. Lincecum has .206 BAA v Carpenter’s .226. You might think some of the info are irrelevant, but just putting up facts. Oh and Tim Lincecum is the defending Cy Young winner, everyone knows it’s hard to go back to back and comparing the old Lincecum to this year’s Lincecum, he is better than last year. But really NL CY is a toss up, I’d be happier if it went to Timmy, but Carpenter is also very deserving and I wouldn’t call anyone who voted for him wrong.)

AL MANAGERS: Mike Scioscia
NL MANAGERS: Jim Tracy (as much as I didn’t like how he put the Rockies together and helped beat the Giants, he is a greattt manager.)